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To understand is to learn the right way. True learning is the process that traces its path from fundamentals. Hence, it becomes extremely important to anchor to the resources that strengthen the basics and develop the intellect to think, analyze and solve problems.

If you are seriously looking forward to pursuing an exciting academic achievement, only a proper foundation can enable conceptual clarity of core subjects and problem solving abilities across applications. This foundation can be the base on which students can build success in board exams and light the lamp for their future

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At Dhruva Academy, we are committed to help students of classes 8 , 9 , 10 develop a strong understanding of fundamental concepts in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology and vision to enable achievement. Our Program objectives include :


Our training focuses on good concept teaching and logic of problem solving. This is a key take away from us. It stays for life.

Positive Academic Environment:

Like minded peer groups who aspire for achievement, inspiring teachers and support infrastructure create a positive learning environment

Course Content:

Our faculty creates content that enables understanding, conceptualization and application.


Rigorous assessment practices ensure our students are better for the challenges ahead.

Feedback to Parents:

We believe that parents have an important role to play in enabling the excellence of their children. Regular feedback will be provided to parents on attendance and performance levels of their children

Additional Learning Support:

Beyond classroom teaching, we provide a window to the following: Effective study techniques, Problem solving methods and time and stress management skills.

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