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Dhruva Academy is a state of the art coaching institute located at Girinagar, Bengaluru. Our mission is to provide a strong understanding of fundamental concepts in Science and Maths to High School students so that they can excel in the fields they choose beyond High School

If you are seriously looking forward to pursuing an exciting academic achievement, only a proper foundation can enable conceptual clarity of core subjects and problem solving abilities across applications. This foundation can be the base on which students can build success in board exams and light the lamp for their future

About Us

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What our students say...

  • The coaching given here is very effective.Online tests are given after every class which helps students to revise concepts. Overall it is amazing.

    Sanjana Srinivas, ICSE 10th (2020-21)
  • I am very proud to be a student of this academy. The staff members are very friendly and feel that every student is like their family. It's just amazing and the best 👍🏻

    Shree Vidya UA, ICSE 10th (2020-21)
  • The coaching here is excellent by all the faculties , learning environment is good. Regular tests will be conducted and progress of the student will be given in-time to the parents through out the year.
    Great support was given by teachers and Head of the academy.

    Manjula P, Parent
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Tuition Classes in Bangalore

  • Tuitions help school students earn good marks in their academic exams. To score the best in the exams, students need to spend a lot of time and effort preparing for the exam. Students can maximize their performance and get good grades in exams with the help of a good teacher.
  • With expert guidance, research can improve and improve for any student. Are you looking for the best Tuition Classes in Bangalore? Your search here ends with Dhruva Academy.
  • Dhruva Academy is known for its quality, student engagement, and childcare. We offer high-quality students in mathematics and social sciences (SST), natural sciences (physics, chemistry, mathematics, and biology), commerce (economics, accounting, and mathematics), and the humanities (history and political science).
  • Dhruva Academy is one of the best tuition centres in Banglore that guarantees high academic performance for each student. Instead, we do not screen students based on their grades. Dhruva Academy provides knowledge unconditionally and systematically. It is our duty to build a nation to ensure that all children deserve to meet all the opportunities in their studies.
  • Our mission is to impart knowledge in a way that is deeply understandable to all students who are enrolled in Dhruva Academy and stand out with confidence. We are committed to developing young minds into quantitative students through a vibrant education and training program.
  • Dhruva Academy offers a rich collection of previous exam questions that will be very helpful in your teaching and exam preparation materials. Dhruva Academy uses the Systematic Analysis Framework for all students. This unique approach to problem-solving taught provides students with a system for dealing with all the issues encountered in school.
  • This system aims to provide students with a better way to solve their questions. This system differs from most teachers who are primarily interested in answering students’ direct questions and not in giving students basic problem-solving skills for future applications.

How can Dhruva Academy teacher help you?

  • Our teachers offer personalized lessons that allow you to focus on specific areas of the curriculum that have proven to be problematic.
  • One-on-one sessions allow teachers to identify and focus on their students’ weaknesses.
  • Students are more likely to seek help and solve their own struggling problems.
  • Our teachers can help students with homework and practice tests to help build self-confidence in the classroom.
  • Full-time, experienced teachers will provide support in and out of the classroom, including counselling at all stages of your child’s learning.
  • Students can access additional educational resources.

Why choose our Tuition Classes in Bangalore?

  • After studying with one of the most respected tuition centres in Bangalore, i.e. Dhruva Academy, students feel confident, are not afraid of exams, are interested in research, do more assignments and get better grades in school exams.
  • Apart from academics, we work to improve the individuality of our students. Learning techniques, Vedic mathematics, time management, goal setting and awareness of future careers are some of our focuses.
  • Our lesson sessions are specifically designed to build self-confidence, promote a positive attitude toward these core topics, and stimulate a lifelong interest in learning.
  • By encouraging technology and active interaction with teachers and peers, we create an exciting learning experience that your child can enjoy.
  • Our Tuition Classes in Bangalore not only assure your child’s ability to succeed but also deepens his understanding of common and rewarding exam topics and stimulate his passion for learning before resuming his studies.
  • Contact Dhruva Academy today and enrol your child in our Tuition Classes in Bangalore.